Sunday, 3 June 2018

Where are you today?

Years have passed but the memories are still in my mind,

like a CD of our moments being played on repeat till the end of time,

the end of life to the end of our lives, when you were mine,

but no longer and that’s become a past life, but you’re still in my eyes.

Your shadow won’t leave me, your silhouette overcasts my heart,

in light and in darkness, you became the brightest star.

I saw my whole world in the reflection of your very eyes,

hearing the most beautiful sound in the song of your laugh.

Every story ever known of romance and love between a two,

beautifully passed yet they don’t compare to me and you.

Romeo would wish he had loved Juliet more than you and I do,

but you and I knew that like all stories, it would have ended soon.

I miss you beyond words, beyond measure, beyond what feelings tell,

just missing you so shatters my heart causing icy winds in the devil’s hell

Did you know what love would be like and how dreaming felt,

did I know that I would lose you and would be screaming regret?

Cupid poisoned us with his arrows through the blood in our veins,

and yet that isn’t exactly what we call unbearable pain.

It was losing you, the grip of your hand, the touch of your love,

and suddenly I find myself wanting to drown in the rain.

My beloved, where are you today, are you happier now,

I will never again be so, for it is you I am without.

My beloved,  is it a much better life that you’ve found,

If so, maybe I can die knowing that you were at least safe and sound. 

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