Monday, 7 May 2018

Poetic Fellowship - A Conversation

All my life, all I have ever prayed for was a chance to smile,

but all I ever got was storms of misery and reasons to lose my mind.

A heart currently sat at the edge of the cliff, wanting to jump,

and just let it shatter on the very pinnacle of life.

My friend, I have watched you suffer for too long.

Trust when i say,

that I wish that the blood I once saw drip from your veins was mine.

I wish that the ledge that your feet dangle from,

remain sturdy and not let you fall.

Remain strong dear friend.

My shell is like a limitless reservoir that can’t ever be filled,

not with love’s embrace or affections aimed to bless with bliss.

It’s the very race of life that caused my heart find the edge,

It’s just a choice now, do I want death? Do I want to be killed?

Allow me to fill your reservoir, sweet companion.

May your allowance for love be plentiful.

If someone should come slay you,

I would thus become the shell you call home.

Home could be here.

Home could be with me.

My longing for a settled home has like since passed,

my soul trapped in a cage made out of unbreakable glass.

My mind waging war against all odds not allowing a chance,

life is fleeting and for my heart it travels fast.

I pray you find home in the beautiful things.

Find home in the way the songbirds sing,

Find home in the way the waves crash on the shore,

Find home where home has not been in a long time.

Set the war to rest my friend,

For there are powers far greater than you fighting.

Let it take over you.

I’m blinded by sorrow so peace is unseen to me,

finding a home in beauty is but a dream to me.

I’ve lived 25 years but experienced more than I needed, 

thus the cruelty of life is a fiend to me,

grasping my desires in it’s shadowy claws,

now my struggling heart is leaving me...

I fear I am losing you,

Your heart seemed darkened and spirit is bleak.

Why has the world shown you horror?

If I could take the sun from the sky and place it in your heart,

Believe me dear friend I would.

For nobody of your stature should fight depression each day,

Happiness should grace your heart.

Please be strong for me.

Your words are soothing like the sounds of a harp,

as they echo the heavens and cure the disease in my heart.

Yet this grace is only temporary,

It cannot chase away the dark,

for soul is beyond repair, it’s been torn apart.

I am afraid of goodbyes,

But in my heart I know this is it.

Life did not treat you well,

and for that you will be missed.

Wherever it is you go promise me one thing,

Sing loud so I hear you through the birds.

I hope to hear you roar through the waves.

Spread your love throughout my home,

For it wouldn't have been home without you.

If the treasures spoken in legends existed,

you would be this world’s one that had remained hidden.

If there was a reason to finally smile,

It was that your companionship

found me and the devil didn’t.

You are a marvel, the true meaning of miracle,

and it’s something indescribable in syllables,

but you’re the first person that saw me,

and now suddenly, I no longer feel invisible.

What gratitude can truly show my sincerity,

you will forever be recorded in my memories,

eternally from amongst the secrets of life that were best to me.

Let us savour this moment and forever remember,

this beautiful gift of poetic fellowship.

A friendship built upon art,

And that you were. 

So abstract that only a few could truly appreciate your essence.

This world will be darker without you,

but your light shall shine throughout.

In my heart you will remain for every

And this ink will bound us together.

Outlive us even.

Perhaps this is what they call undying love.

Co written by Isabella Maria