Saturday, 21 April 2018

Catch My Tears

I’ve got my headphones in, music playing as my heart sinks,

silence except what I’m listening to as the hidden stars sing.

I used to be a soul that used to stay smiling and laughing,

but now it’s beyond the comprehension of what far is.

It’s painful when you realise no one cares the way you do,

invested time becomes wasted time when you learn the truth.

Effort becomes regret as I spend my life away on YouTube,

watching relatable videos as they become a coping tool.

My poetry is dying, the ink in my pen is fading,

my sorrow is extinguishing the flame that was blazing.

It’s a downpour of sorrow and my heart has no shelter when it’s raining,

I’m a soul breathing it’s last few, will somebody save me?

No. My thoughts echo so loud it becomes clear to hear,

no one is there and everything is as I always feared.

A heart in solitude is the worst pain, catch my falling tears,

no, they won’t be caught because nobody is here.