Tuesday, 6 March 2018

My Heart’s Mourning

I’m paralysed by the memories of yesterday, of the days that were my better days. Those memories that carved the image of your smile, they remained but your reality was what went away. 

my heart still sheds tears, my mind is still fighting away those fears. I lost my world on that regretful day, oh my love, how I wish you were still here. Your silhouette, it’s still here. 

My love has become a legend in the heavens, the angels weep for my failure in understanding my blessings. You were the light in my life so shadowed, I only dreamed of what would be a beautiful wedding, you standing as angel in ceremonial dresses. 

It’s been 4 years since I kissed you, no day has passed where I hadn’t missed you. I still miss you and Its an issue, because I can’t live my life,  I can’t breath without you so I need to be with you. I still love you and you know it’s true.

How can this be a life without your love? This torture and torment has become too much. It’s unbearable yet the devil never thinks it’s enough, filling my mind with those painful memories of us, beautiful pictures of our love. 

Romeo now turns in his grave, his love but a story erased. Burning inside that a truer love now exists in a new time and place.

Legacies displaced, no longer an example for new loves grace, Romeo curses himself for this.

Juliet mourns in her tomb, her heart bleeding mortal wound. Romeo had not loved her this much, now she does not regret her unpredicted doom. She envies my love, unrequited yet flowers still bloom.

My cries reach the stars, they resonate through the dark, ripping through the fabric that keeps the light so far. 

It is my only wish that she will hear it, the mourning of my heart.