Friday, 2 February 2018

Empty Streets

I’m walking down those lonely empty streets,

my mind clouded with so many heavy dreams.

My only memories of you are destroying me,

and they don’t ever seem to want to leave.

I saw the universe in the glow of your eyes,

and it was then I knew that you had to be mine.

Your beautiful face would always be sketched in my mind,

what was this feeling? was this the thing called love I despised?

I miss the touch of your hands, I can still feel the grasp,

though your heart and soul had travelled into the past.

My heart wishes every night for just one more chance,

something impossible now, ours was a love never meant to last.

I wonder how you’re doing now, how much happier you are,

I wonder where life’s taken you, has it healed your heart?

Mine’s still broken, my love, I tell my pain to the stars,

because they are the only light I have left in this dark.

I could never forget the beautiful way you made me feel,

whenever I was with you, I thought it couldn’t be real.

It had to be a dream, my projected desires revealed,

how was I to to know it would end with both of us needing to heal?

Can I tell you something, my darling, truthfully I still wait,

It’s crazy, I know, I’m just hopeful of destiny & fate.

I wish in my heart that you’d come back to me and say,

“I miss you as much as you miss me”

cause that would be great.

cause it seems that wherever you went, my heart had followed,

it couldn’t sit there, it couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

It was losing it’s soul, it started becoming so hollow,

and before it left, it told me..”if it’s love, then I have to follow”

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