Tuesday, 16 January 2018

still your friend

I spent my life in the shadows chasing your love,

days would pass and I would always think it’d never be enough.

I spent my nights dreaming of a future, of a possibility of “us” ,

but my mind fights with my heart and tells it that it’s hoping too much.

I used to do the littlest things that could make you smile,

anything is worth your happiness, my motto in life.

Yeah, maybe it’s true, I seemed to only have love in my eyes,

you camping in my heart was devastating the thoughts in my mind.

Years could pass by and nothing would ever change,

I’d still care for you the same, that love would remain.

No matter how much we may argue or fight, unresolved issues,

you’re the one person I would never turn my back on to this day.

While those feelings of love have diminished, I’m still your friend,

I will still be there for you, every day right until the very end.

So don’t you worry, princess, I’m here for you if you need a shoulder,

and I will try my best to fix the broken heart that needs a mend.

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