Saturday, 6 January 2018

My Silent Heart

Oh, there she is.

What do I say?

Should I try today?

No. I can’t.

I’m too nervous.

I’m nobody.

She’s perfect,

I’m not even worth it.

What do I do?

She’s so cute,

what do I do?

Tell her the truth?

She wouldn’t acknowledge me,

She’d brush me aside like I was dirt.

A few words define my worth,

and I’m actually scared of

the words that she’ll return.

“I don’t like you”

“You’re ugly”

The words of truth,

I’ve heard my entire life

And never hidden from me.

Yet why do I like her,

she stands out in my eyes.

It’s not her velvet hair,

Or her sapphire eyes,

Nor her beautiful smile.

How would I know unless I try,

but I’m scared of rejection.

I always have been, 

I usually push my feelings aside

and continue with reflections

and those unreal dreams.

I will never be able to share my feelings,

My heart is now used to bleeding.

My thoughts inside my head are screaming,

and the devil’s whispers, “keep on dreaming”

I can only share a glance, 

but never take the chance.

I can only look at you,

but you’ll never know the truth.

I can only just write these poems,

but will you ever read them?

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