Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My Heart Surrenders

I’m being crushed by 

the weight of my misery,

I can’t stand anymore, 

there’s nothing to keep lifting me.

My heart was 

once touched by

a love that existed 

in my history.

Until it hated 

my many flaws,

I lost all hope of 

any kind of victory.

And this shadow 

pushes me down,

I can’t find the 

strength to push it off.

I’m losing sight 

and slowly this sound,

I’m losing myself 

and my soul is gone.

What is this feeling 

that is inside me,

it chased my soul away, 

was the devil invited?

My heart is screaming,

in the realms it resides in.

No one listens to 

what it has to say,

or any of the poems

it kept on reciting.

They call it depression,

but I have a question.

How do you label

something that kills us?

We’re physically alive

but we give up living.

Nothing in our minds,

our hearts are wilting.

Decaying in the dark,

no light in our eyes.

Can’t you find a remedy,

please take away 

all of my memories.

I think that would truly

be the best for me.

I’ll die if I remember,

my heart surrenders.

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