Sunday, 24 December 2017

Love’s Reality

Many people seek love,

without knowing what it is.

A bond of affection and trust,

a dream turned into infinite bliss.

Well, that’s only what they think,

the reality is actually something else.

It’s not what we hear in songs we sing,

it’s a disease that has emerged from hell.

A way to trap our gullible human souls,

and it’s an effective way to control us.

A feeling that has been proven cold,

It’s a warm illusion that seems to hold us.

A poison that infects us through our veins,

through our blood cells and pumping arteries.

A marathon with hurdles of nothing but pain,

and at the end, it’s supposed to be harmony.

Cupid isn’t an angel, he is a devil in disguise,

his heart shaped arrows are his weapons.

And our open hearts are why he is inside,

Love isn’t bliss and certainly not a blessing.

But we’re too blind to see, 

the truth that is hidden.

Yeah; Life hasn’t been kind to me,

but this isn’t my opinion,

It’s the reality we’re living.

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