Sunday, 31 December 2017


The ink to my pen is the pool of emotions I drown in,

and it was in that grasp of shadow that life had found me.

No one has yet heard the screams that my heart has sounded,

deafened by the world and veils by which they’re surrounded.

I was once living my life, you could hear my heart pounding,

my arteries marvelled at my heart’s coronation and crowning.

It once belonged upon a throne before being forced around it,

and the echo of that subjugation was definitely the loudest.

It was the grasp of darkness that had bound me.

no longer able to freely fly, my soul was kept grounded.

It was in that river of regret and misery that I was drowning,

all that is left is the silhouette of my identity left screaming and howling.

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