Sunday, 31 December 2017


The ink to my pen is the pool of emotions I drown in,

and it was in that grasp of shadow that life had found me.

No one has yet heard the screams that my heart has sounded,

deafened by the world and veils by which they’re surrounded.

I was once living my life, you could hear my heart pounding,

my arteries marvelled at my heart’s coronation and crowning.

It once belonged upon a throne before being forced around it,

and the echo of that subjugation was definitely the loudest.

It was the grasp of darkness that had bound me.

no longer able to freely fly, my soul was kept grounded.

It was in that river of regret and misery that I was drowning,

all that is left is the silhouette of my identity left screaming and howling.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Love’s Reality

Many people seek love,

without knowing what it is.

A bond of affection and trust,

a dream turned into infinite bliss.

Well, that’s only what they think,

the reality is actually something else.

It’s not what we hear in songs we sing,

it’s a disease that has emerged from hell.

A way to trap our gullible human souls,

and it’s an effective way to control us.

A feeling that has been proven cold,

It’s a warm illusion that seems to hold us.

A poison that infects us through our veins,

through our blood cells and pumping arteries.

A marathon with hurdles of nothing but pain,

and at the end, it’s supposed to be harmony.

Cupid isn’t an angel, he is a devil in disguise,

his heart shaped arrows are his weapons.

And our open hearts are why he is inside,

Love isn’t bliss and certainly not a blessing.

But we’re too blind to see, 

the truth that is hidden.

Yeah; Life hasn’t been kind to me,

but this isn’t my opinion,

It’s the reality we’re living.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Empty Feelings

Every year that passes seems like an entire decade,

bereft of your living love that cured and  healed me.

It seems that over this delayed time my heart has decayed,

It is now desolate of all of those emotions and feelings.

My world has now been covered and engulfed in darkness,

an evil blight for those who are considered an artist.

A thorn on the beautiful rose, a melody for the heartless,

that once brightest star has now become the farthest.

Your memories carved on the walls of my mind,

etched in like writing on a stone tablet, never to be erased.

It was only your reflection that people saw in my eyes,

but for losing you, it is only I who can be blamed.

I always wonder if you’re doing much better without me,

It haunts me when I remember how shy you were around me.

I was proud of the angelic aura that you were surely crowned in,

it was like I loved an angel, and she too was happy she found me.

But I shall always fall and drown in this misery and regret,

every time I look in the mirror, It is myself that I detest.

A mistake that cost me an eternity of suffering, and I am beset,

by the shadows of my past and there is no way to reset.