Friday, 7 July 2017

Unacknowledged Beauty

Days beginning when the sun rises like a phoenix,

the clouds are it's ashes and it's glare is so heated.

The skies spectrum of colours in it's appointed time of revealing,

a dark orange, fusion of yellow and red like it's bleeding.

The birds in flight during the hour of morning's birth,

their songs rehearsed, waking those who have heard.

Such majesty leaves the insomniac poets without rhyme or word,

such is the impact of a marvel and beauty of this awe provoking earth.

Time is the design of this canvas following the order from Above,

His will flows through the cycle of life in everything that we love.

The world unfolds when the skies are blue and the dancing doves,

waltzing in a rhythm, cleaving the air with songs unknown to us.

The gentle breeze that whispers to us as it passes ears,

caressing our faces when travelling the road bereft of doubt and fear.

Revitalised flowers blooming as the sun dries up their tears,

such a finely tuned planet so immaculately engineered. 

Can you still question the beauty that engulfs this planet,

Do you still question that this world does not have it?

Like the discoveries we make of hidden skill and talents,

do you see the trees that stand to shade us, so proud and gallant?

Imcomprehensible sights to our minds and the design that's behind it,

we could only awe at this masterpiece created by the One who revived it.

We stay thankful to Him who gave us a life and thus defined it,

and I pray that this narrative needs not for me to rewrite it.

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