Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Rain

Sometimes I just like to stand stagnant in the rain,

It feels like its slowly washing away all of the pain.

No one can see the grief that's smeared all over my face,

or hear the terrible things that my heart wants to say.

The storms are the perfect reflection of emotions,

displaying heartbeats in disaster and sorrow in motion.

Can you imagine a teardrop that falls into the ocean,

would you be able to find it if bereft of devotion?

Dancing with my shadow in the torrential storms,

tempest winds as calming whispers when clouds are formed.

A darkened sky cursed with a grey paint hiding when the sun is born,

for mornings never arrive, never shall it again be dawn.

It's the devil's world engulfing the planet in a darkness,

twas the sun first, the moon after and then the stars next.

Our songs are becoming silent so now we become heartless,

and this shadow blinds those who were once considered artists.

Poets speak about beauty that dwells in this world,

but they were just stories and remain as empty words.

And though we do not see the flames, this universe burns,

for our eyes are closed and ears deafened to knowledge unheard.


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