Friday, 21 July 2017

A Dark Place

I've run out of words to write,
my mouth is also running dry.
The ink in my pen no longer leaks,
even the tears that used to 
fall from my eyes.

The colours have faded from my world,
the life I lived has gone from this earth.
It started off bad but kept getting worse,
every day defined how little I was worth.

My heart used to 
dance to it's own beat,
It's soul was the poetry 
I used to speak.
It was my speech, 
and even in defeat,
I would stand up again 
before slumber and sleep.

I could wake up in the mornings
with a dream I wanted to chase.
Now I barely sleep, with nightmares
and misery that overwhelms my face.

The song I could hear has gone silent,
all the emotions in my heart have collided.
A big bang that became ever so violent,
but I was just way too weak to fight it.

Spent too many years on my own,
living alone, family there but still alone.
No comfort from the friends on my phone,
this misery rotted through to my very bones.

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