Saturday, 17 June 2017

Your Name

I can remember the very first time,
the day that you had graced my eyes.
And when their gaze fell upon you,
It was certainly love at first sight.

Your hair was like brown velvet,
cascading down to your shoulders.
You said hello once and I melted,
I knew it from then that my life was over.

Because once you fall in love,
It is a hold that will never let you go.
Unless you somehow find strength enough,
to rid yourself of the grasp that holds.

I still see it now, I still remember today,
your smile that would ease away the pains.
And in that moment, I never knew what to say,
but I will always remember when you told me..

Your name..

it was something engraved in my heart,
I saw the light of it written in the stars.
It was a guide for me when my life got dark,
and that's how I knew that you weren't that far.

I wanted to love you the way you wrote about in tweets,
I wanted to be the one to bring you that semblance of peace.
I wanted to be the one that helped you make difficulties become ease,
I wanted to be the one who was the centre of your every dream.

Yet you still went back to that type, the one you complained about,
and you called me your friend, your very best friend.
It's like you liked the pain which is why you went back around,
and hurt the one who would never hurt you until his last breath.

A lot of girls seem to fall for the guys that enjoy breaking hearts,
and those that truly care are the ones left in the dark.
Left to rot in the friend zone without hope of another star,
and slowly our very identities are being torn apart.

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