Thursday, 22 June 2017

Not alone

You're not alone, it isn't you and those voices,

there's people who love you and your choices.

People who want to find where your voice is,

and help you get rid of all those bad noises.

You're not alone, there's people at your side,

they want to help you stand up and fight.

They'll help you get through this terrible life,

don't fight it on your own through the nights.

You're not alone, believe me, you are loved,

and we know that you may think its not enough.

You're running, lost, finding someone to trust,

someone with whom you can share your "stuff"

Be strong and if you find that you're gonna fall,

someone will catch you before you crawl.

Just give that call, with your soul and your all,

and you'll find there are no more walls.

Don't be consumed by the thoughts in mind,

if you fight it alone then you will become blind.

You won't be able to see the light in your eyes,

let your loved ones be there by your side.

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