Sunday, 26 February 2017

Devil's Poison

I didn't think about it,
I was dumb and confounded.
I just dropped and fell,
and it was cupid that had found me.

Piercing my soul from the stars,
heart shaped arrows enlightening the dark.
And suddenly I was lost,
a new melody beating within my heart.

I fell in love, a different dimension,
a different life the stories would mention.
And every feeling, I certainly felt it,
And I now curse every one of those
that had said infatuation was pleasant.

I was destroyed,slowly and painfully
till there was nothing left of me.
I used to let my reflection keep blaming me,
for idiocy of fighting against my destiny.

Love isn't a remedy, it's the worst poison,
killing you slowly but surely as it's corrodes.
Losing your soul, your heart, your voice then
and before you know it, it shatters your hope.

It runs through your veins just as our blood does,
and bounds our hearts in chains torturing it by love lust.
There's no cure, no healing potion that can fix a broken trust,
suicidal thoughts creep in when everything becomes too much.

This is love, it destroys you as it ignites,
I beg you, please don't let the devil inside.

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