Friday, 3 February 2017

Dear Heart

Dear heart, I can feel you torture yourself in screams,

echoes that rupture the barriers of reality and dreams.

Bleeding so profusely and cascading a crimson stream,

you just want to be heard but the world remains deaf and asleep.

Dear heart, I can feel you beat like the pounding of drums,

I feel the vibrations in my chest that leave me paralysed and stunned.

I can hear you questioning cupid and his policy of love,

I can hear you crying and hating yourself for not being enough.

Dear heart, I can see your pieces falling the more you break,

it's amazing that you still stand after conflicting with fate.

You stood firm for so long while you struggled through the rains,

and I can feel you losing your strength as your melody fades.

Dear heart, you seem to be lost without the embracing sound of bliss,

you only sought to feel the magic when your host had found a kiss.

To shower in the warmth of true love has always been your wish,

and you've always considered affection to be a blessing and gift

But today you've lost the will that made you so strong,

you suffer so terribly and it seems your soul is gone.

It's the end of the song, defeated like you've been walked upon,

and for you nothing seems right anymore, everything's wrong.

Dear life within me, If you fade away today, I too shall die,

and you can hear my pleas as my tears drown my very eyes.

The rhythm we had shared is changing like the skies,

spectrums through time that would provoke our minds.

Dear heart, I need you. I've always believed you,

I'm sorry that so many had come only to deceive you.

The pain that you endured was something I received too,

I need you to stand again so I may find relief too.

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