Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Remembering Memories

A blazing flame eventually dies and ends in ashes,

memories fade and become a part of what our past is.

The lightning speaks in sudden bolts of white flashes,

and the thunder too sounds in mighty roars as it crashes.

The skies are born with spectrums of colour, orange, blue then black,

Clouds floating across the world caught by eyes so fast.

This is how days pass us by and memories become a thing of the past,

and fade into nothing as if they were never meant to last.

We create them from nothing and weave them into our souls,

our every thoughts and dreams that comfort our hopes.

Some of them joyous times, some become a shadow and haunting,

even so recorded, they are why we've become educated of the unknown.

They forged us into the people we have become today,

and as we continue to grow as people, they begin to fade.

They ignited that flame, they caused us smiles and pain,

but today as the sun sets, they grow even further away.

They are as the stars when we wake upon a new morning,

lights from the night only now seen in our minds.

They would fill our heads whenever we kept on falling,

and now they are but thoughts that barely linger like the nights.

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