Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bejeweled Love

A crimson sun partnered with a silver moon,
and sapphire skies when the orchids bloom.
clouds like whipped cream, a heavenly delight,
and all too on a bright warm summers afternoon.

Dancing trees during the tempest's whisper,
and asleep they stay during the colds of winter.
In all 4 seasons, thy shadow shall always linger,
in heart, in mind, and in feeling in the tips of my fingers.

Your existence was one from amongst a million,
sweet and spicy was your tongue like cinnamon.
Dictionaries could be laid out in sonnets in the interim,
yet enough it could not be passed all rhyme and synonyms.

You were as the blossoming of roses growing in grace,
your beauty to continue in bliss as time devours it's days.
A delight signalling amidst a thousand stood in a single place,
a dream woven into reality could be seen upon your face.

You cause hearts to live, colouring them with life from stone,
and they dance in perfect rhythm within the chest they call home.
It fleets quickly now in subjugation when once stubborn upon throne,
It answers only to you and this itself is for certain something known.

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