Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Remembering Memories

A blazing flame eventually dies and ends in ashes,

memories fade and become a part of what our past is.

The lightning speaks in sudden bolts of white flashes,

and the thunder too sounds in mighty roars as it crashes.

The skies are born with spectrums of colour, orange, blue then black,

Clouds floating across the world caught by eyes so fast.

This is how days pass us by and memories become a thing of the past,

and fade into nothing as if they were never meant to last.

We create them from nothing and weave them into our souls,

our every thoughts and dreams that comfort our hopes.

Some of them joyous times, some become a shadow and haunting,

even so recorded, they are why we've become educated of the unknown.

They forged us into the people we have become today,

and as we continue to grow as people, they begin to fade.

They ignited that flame, they caused us smiles and pain,

but today as the sun sets, they grow even further away.

They are as the stars when we wake upon a new morning,

lights from the night only now seen in our minds.

They would fill our heads whenever we kept on falling,

and now they are but thoughts that barely linger like the nights.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bejeweled Love

A crimson sun partnered with a silver moon,
and sapphire skies when the orchids bloom.
clouds like whipped cream, a heavenly delight,
and all too on a bright warm summers afternoon.

Dancing trees during the tempest's whisper,
and asleep they stay during the colds of winter.
In all 4 seasons, thy shadow shall always linger,
in heart, in mind, and in feeling in the tips of my fingers.

Your existence was one from amongst a million,
sweet and spicy was your tongue like cinnamon.
Dictionaries could be laid out in sonnets in the interim,
yet enough it could not be passed all rhyme and synonyms.

You were as the blossoming of roses growing in grace,
your beauty to continue in bliss as time devours it's days.
A delight signalling amidst a thousand stood in a single place,
a dream woven into reality could be seen upon your face.

You cause hearts to live, colouring them with life from stone,
and they dance in perfect rhythm within the chest they call home.
It fleets quickly now in subjugation when once stubborn upon throne,
It answers only to you and this itself is for certain something known.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Murdered By Love

This could be yet another story and famous tale,
about how a young man had lost his beating heart.
To a beauty unlike any other without shrouded veil,
a treacherous journey whispered to the stars.

His first sight was caught and trapped in a magnetic glance,
one he could not pull or turn from, the attraction was strong.
Dreams filled his wishful thoughts of asking her for a dance,
and inside his heart he could hear the
start of a new song.

He saw her every single day and was blessed with a smile,
one that would cause a new rhythm in his heart beats.
He would become distraught if he did not see her in a short while,
questions of her whereabouts would disturb his heart's peace.

She was truly a marvel, a new wonder of the world,
one glance from her would render him without word.
These emotions stirred, these feelings were unheard,
and his heart ached for them to be spoken yet mind considered it absurd.

Mustering the courage to tell her became a great battle,
This conflict between his mind and heart stretched in time.
And when heart emerged victorious, he was puzzled like scrabble,
for as time had travelled, his beloved was no longer in sight.

She fell into the arms of another, one who promised the same,
An embracing love that would protect her from all harm and pain.
His heart split in two, and he threw the pieces into a flame,
and he stood in the cold, emotionless and drowning his sorrow in the rain.

Hoping it would wash away yet it lingered like a shadow,
his poetic pen fallen once considered a gift yet fallow.
His eyes turning to the skies while he inhales his tobacco,
exhaling the fumes with a sigh, people exclaiming that he's sad now.

He truly loved her and it's a shame that she never knew,
that feeling he was holding on to was the only thing he believed true.
Now this misery pushes him with a belief of being forever doomed,
it's become silent whenever he now looks at the moon.

On a day, she finds him and in smile she approaches but he turns,
she stops to question clueless to the love he had yearned.
A note drops from his pocket as he heads towards a bridge,
she picks it up and appears a face of astonishment for what she just learned.

The note read;

Maybe one day you will finally know how it is that I felt,
all this time I have done nothing but keep it to myself.
Afraid of what you might say, or the friends you'd tell,
and in my embarrassment I would be punished as If I were in hell.

I have fallen in love with you and the grace that you show,
a day never passed wherein I didn't want you to know.
Emotions were stirring and this heart beat became a flow,
like the river streams and the droplets that turn to snow.

I was nothing, though, not a soul worthy of you,
like a speck too small to notice, I yet everyday grew smaller too.
You continued to bless the world like the light of the moon,
and I continued to hear the songs of love as if a whistling flute.

Yet, should you read this, know that I've loved you since I knew,
and I have never loved another the way I loved you.
I speak like this because in the time you find this truth,
I shall be no more of this world bereft of the dreams I wanted renewed.

Tears fall from her cheeks like droplets as she cries,
turning quickly to his direction but he's no longer in sight.
She chases him longing to find him and the reflection of his eyes,
To find herself in them yet it was too late, he had died.

He had jumped off the bridge and his corpse was dismantled,
his blood stained the ground like the love he abandoned.
She falls to her knees, eyes leaking viciously like an open tap,
uncontrollably, screaming at her life because this wasn't how she planned it.

His words made her love him the way he always wanted,
her heart now beats the very same way his heart did.
But it was too late, he's gone now, her world is darkness,
he wished upon the galaxies but she questions the betrayal the stars did.