Friday, 2 December 2016

The Syrian Child

Bomb after bomb,
screaming and bleeding.
All the buildings are gone
silhouettes are visible
while the dust is receding.

A myriad of infinite lifeless corpses
as the earth is stained with their blood.
The world leaders are but snorting
as my brethren are falling in the dust.

Mothers are crying for their sons,
for their daughters lost in between.
The world still has it's back turned
while they watch tv and songs are sung.
It is we who are suffering, getting burned,
bodies piling up  near a crimson ravine.

New borns losing life before it started,
their screams are the background noise.
Will nobody take pity, it's all a darkness,
can't anybody hear our dying voice?

We no longer have a place to call home,
it is but damaged rubble on the ground.
We have nothing left, and no more hope,
the one slaughtering us is evil and proud.

You're not the ones used to seeing a painted red,
while you sit lavishly in your peaceful houses.
It is not your world filled with nothing but pain and death,
you are enjoying life with your siblings and spouses.

Everyday a son dies, a daughter dies, a mother dies,
a father dies, husband dies, a wife dies, a friend dies,
there is nothing but pools of blood in front of our eyes,
there is nothing but dark grey clouds and jet fighters in the skies.

How long will our screams remain silent till you hear it,
how long will our blood be spilt until you see it?
There's nothing of my home anymore, I have always feared it,
but the world will stay blind while we continue bleeding.

How will you answer for my dead mother and father,
who will wipe my tears away now when life gets harder?

How will you answer for my lifeless brother and sister,
a mutilated body and they're missing a few fingers.

How will you answer for the babies who died on their first day,
not even a week in the world because you took them away.

How will you answer for destroying the home of a people,
was it the result of your nature, the result of your evil?

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