Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Beauty Of Day

During the hour of birth, the sun rises like a phoenix,
majestic in all of it's glory extruding a heat we're all feeling.
As it reaches its zenith, it paints the skies orange then blue,
and it's a wonder that makes us grateful that we are living and breathing.

The morning we call it, hours of bliss and peace,
birds taking flight while the trees dance with the breeze.
The universe is a miracle we could never understand how it came to be,
sometimes even reality can seem as though it is a dream.

The clouds look like cushions designed for those that dwell in the skies,
a resting point for the wings that cleave the air in flight.
and the sun at it's peak, we couldn't want a warmer light,
such beauty forever unappreciated through our eyes.

And as the sun lays to slumber, the colours change in ambience,
like the clouds hiding the thunder in minutes of transience.
Coming into light a blackness fused with shades of blue,
Here, even the greatest philosopher shall fail in sapience.

The stars shine like lanterns embedded into a blanket,
one that stretched across the universe, wandering like a bandit.
Celestial galaxies, silk like milky ways and marbles we call planets,
 a beauty unfathomable far beyond the dreams we are having.

On which edge of the universe can we find divine gates,
of which, on entering shall find us in heavenly place.
Through the billions of night lamps, new memories our minds taste,
far beyond comprehension of mortals is the entire creation that God made.

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