Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lost Love

You were the sun rising majestically at dawn,
the skies painted blue when the morning is born.
You were the rainbow breaking through after the storms,
the beautiful rose found after climbing up the thorns.

You were the diamond I found from a million stones,
the only name that I liked seeing on my fully charged phone.
You were my wonder of the world like the millennium dome,
but now I'm stuck here writing poems alone at home.

I gave you everything you ever wanted from an infatuated lover,
I spoilt you with love and materialistic things and all of the others.
When I was with you I never dared to once look at another,
you were the kind of girl I wanted to introduce to my mother.

You were the star I wished upon during the hour of twilight,
I had never seen anything more beautiful than you in my eyes.
It's like I was walking through a tunnel and you were a bright light,
right at the end and then suddenly I found you at my side.

How did I lose you to another when I tried my very best,
I tried to make you smile every time with every text.
Roses and chocolates, teddy bears and jewellery,
and still you make me wonder where the century went.

I still have our memories, the ones we made together,
It's funny how I thought that our love would be forever.
Only, it was I that was in love and you really never,
and in the end I felt like nothing after every endeavour.

It's okay, I shall lay here in the pieces you left me in,
while you forget I existed I still have the memories you blessed me with.
And how easy it is for you provokes me, it makes me think,
what did I mean to you? what was the point of everything we did?

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