Friday, 2 December 2016

In The Stars

It's been so many years and I still wonder how you are,
why is it that I still see your face whenever I look at the stars?
And in that moment all our memories flood through my heart,
an overwhelming whirlpool of emotions that makes breathing hard.

After so many years here I find myself still thinking of you,
thinking of what was and what could have been If I fought.
Regrets haunting me of how weak I was and avoided the truth,
and now I seem to be losing myself every time that I pause.

Remembering those days, the magical moments on the balconies,
staring into your beautiful eyes and in them I only found me.
Love had embraced us and it made me believe you were bound to me,
and in silence I could hear the songs of my heart when you were around me.

Remember how we paraded through town with our hands locked together,
It was my happiest memory and those days I believed this love was forever.
It was like the world was watching as I cherished you as my treasure,
making you smile was my priority and the result of my every endeavour.

Remember when our lips met for the first time and it was beyond magic,
like we flew to the doors of heaven shrouded by a divine bliss.
An unforgettable feeling so losing you to my weakness was beyond tragic,
to rewind time back to those days is my one and only greatest wish.

I wake up in the mornings still remembering holding you in my arms,
to feel the comfort of your body pressed so tightly against mine.
Remembering a promise I made to keep you away from all harm,
and now you've gone away, this wasn't that oath I had in my mind.

Two years later, and my heart still weeps for your gentle touch,
the smile that used to melt me even when I thought my soul was frozen.
Those moments when I stared into your eyes so full of a heavenly love,
dreams and memories they remain and reality leaves me broken.

I was destroyed in the first instance I realised that you were gone,
your shadow lingered as did the feeling of the touch of your fingers.
My heart won't move from place, the person I was is now dead and lost,
locked away in a corner, writing away through the cold fells of winter.

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