Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Beauty Of Day

During the hour of birth, the sun rises like a phoenix,
majestic in all of it's glory extruding a heat we're all feeling.
As it reaches its zenith, it paints the skies orange then blue,
and it's a wonder that makes us grateful that we are living and breathing.

The morning we call it, hours of bliss and peace,
birds taking flight while the trees dance with the breeze.
The universe is a miracle we could never understand how it came to be,
sometimes even reality can seem as though it is a dream.

The clouds look like cushions designed for those that dwell in the skies,
a resting point for the wings that cleave the air in flight.
and the sun at it's peak, we couldn't want a warmer light,
such beauty forever unappreciated through our eyes.

And as the sun lays to slumber, the colours change in ambience,
like the clouds hiding the thunder in minutes of transience.
Coming into light a blackness fused with shades of blue,
Here, even the greatest philosopher shall fail in sapience.

The stars shine like lanterns embedded into a blanket,
one that stretched across the universe, wandering like a bandit.
Celestial galaxies, silk like milky ways and marbles we call planets,
 a beauty unfathomable far beyond the dreams we are having.

On which edge of the universe can we find divine gates,
of which, on entering shall find us in heavenly place.
Through the billions of night lamps, new memories our minds taste,
far beyond comprehension of mortals is the entire creation that God made.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lost Love

You were the sun rising majestically at dawn,
the skies painted blue when the morning is born.
You were the rainbow breaking through after the storms,
the beautiful rose found after climbing up the thorns.

You were the diamond I found from a million stones,
the only name that I liked seeing on my fully charged phone.
You were my wonder of the world like the millennium dome,
but now I'm stuck here writing poems alone at home.

I gave you everything you ever wanted from an infatuated lover,
I spoilt you with love and materialistic things and all of the others.
When I was with you I never dared to once look at another,
you were the kind of girl I wanted to introduce to my mother.

You were the star I wished upon during the hour of twilight,
I had never seen anything more beautiful than you in my eyes.
It's like I was walking through a tunnel and you were a bright light,
right at the end and then suddenly I found you at my side.

How did I lose you to another when I tried my very best,
I tried to make you smile every time with every text.
Roses and chocolates, teddy bears and jewellery,
and still you make me wonder where the century went.

I still have our memories, the ones we made together,
It's funny how I thought that our love would be forever.
Only, it was I that was in love and you really never,
and in the end I felt like nothing after every endeavour.

It's okay, I shall lay here in the pieces you left me in,
while you forget I existed I still have the memories you blessed me with.
And how easy it is for you provokes me, it makes me think,
what did I mean to you? what was the point of everything we did?

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Syrian Child

Bomb after bomb,
screaming and bleeding.
All the buildings are gone
silhouettes are visible
while the dust is receding.

A myriad of infinite lifeless corpses
as the earth is stained with their blood.
The world leaders are but snorting
as my brethren are falling in the dust.

Mothers are crying for their sons,
for their daughters lost in between.
The world still has it's back turned
while they watch tv and songs are sung.
It is we who are suffering, getting burned,
bodies piling up  near a crimson ravine.

New borns losing life before it started,
their screams are the background noise.
Will nobody take pity, it's all a darkness,
can't anybody hear our dying voice?

We no longer have a place to call home,
it is but damaged rubble on the ground.
We have nothing left, and no more hope,
the one slaughtering us is evil and proud.

You're not the ones used to seeing a painted red,
while you sit lavishly in your peaceful houses.
It is not your world filled with nothing but pain and death,
you are enjoying life with your siblings and spouses.

Everyday a son dies, a daughter dies, a mother dies,
a father dies, husband dies, a wife dies, a friend dies,
there is nothing but pools of blood in front of our eyes,
there is nothing but dark grey clouds and jet fighters in the skies.

How long will our screams remain silent till you hear it,
how long will our blood be spilt until you see it?
There's nothing of my home anymore, I have always feared it,
but the world will stay blind while we continue bleeding.

How will you answer for my dead mother and father,
who will wipe my tears away now when life gets harder?

How will you answer for my lifeless brother and sister,
a mutilated body and they're missing a few fingers.

How will you answer for the babies who died on their first day,
not even a week in the world because you took them away.

How will you answer for destroying the home of a people,
was it the result of your nature, the result of your evil?

In The Stars

It's been so many years and I still wonder how you are,
why is it that I still see your face whenever I look at the stars?
And in that moment all our memories flood through my heart,
an overwhelming whirlpool of emotions that makes breathing hard.

After so many years here I find myself still thinking of you,
thinking of what was and what could have been If I fought.
Regrets haunting me of how weak I was and avoided the truth,
and now I seem to be losing myself every time that I pause.

Remembering those days, the magical moments on the balconies,
staring into your beautiful eyes and in them I only found me.
Love had embraced us and it made me believe you were bound to me,
and in silence I could hear the songs of my heart when you were around me.

Remember how we paraded through town with our hands locked together,
It was my happiest memory and those days I believed this love was forever.
It was like the world was watching as I cherished you as my treasure,
making you smile was my priority and the result of my every endeavour.

Remember when our lips met for the first time and it was beyond magic,
like we flew to the doors of heaven shrouded by a divine bliss.
An unforgettable feeling so losing you to my weakness was beyond tragic,
to rewind time back to those days is my one and only greatest wish.

I wake up in the mornings still remembering holding you in my arms,
to feel the comfort of your body pressed so tightly against mine.
Remembering a promise I made to keep you away from all harm,
and now you've gone away, this wasn't that oath I had in my mind.

Two years later, and my heart still weeps for your gentle touch,
the smile that used to melt me even when I thought my soul was frozen.
Those moments when I stared into your eyes so full of a heavenly love,
dreams and memories they remain and reality leaves me broken.

I was destroyed in the first instance I realised that you were gone,
your shadow lingered as did the feeling of the touch of your fingers.
My heart won't move from place, the person I was is now dead and lost,
locked away in a corner, writing away through the cold fells of winter.