Friday, 11 November 2016

Voices Of Freedom

You will never silence our voices,
You will never take away our choices.
We stand united, hand in hand,
against hatred and evil, we protest.

Nation with nation, under one banner,
we are all representatives of humanity.
We will not fall to your injustice's hammer,
you are not this country's hope;
you are mankind's greatest calamity.

Dividing our races with your speeches of hate,
dividing the places with the bleeding of a race.
What kind of monster could possibly be a leader,
so despicable are many of the statements that you've made.

You cannot make America great, it'll be greater without you,
A truly united nation and that's without a doubt too.
From the Muslims you oppress, the LBGT community you oppress,
the hispanics you oppress, the women you oppress,
It is a consensus that it's better that your voice is put to rest.

United we stand, and divided we fall,
and being divided is exactly your call.
But united we stand and united we stay,
and one day soon your tyranny shall fall.

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