Friday, 4 November 2016

The Girl On The Bus

there she arrives so elegantly,
hair browner than chocolate.
A beauty so divine and so heavenly,
the fear inside I can't seem to stop it.

I just want to go over and say hi,
because she's got me distracted.
She's the reason I turn my eyes,
but I'm too scared, tis what her impact is.

She looks like Camila from fifth harmony,
my favourite from the group of five.
Her voice is the life in my arteries,
and she looks like her, why can't I say Hi?

I'm frozen inside with fear just thinking it,
social anxiety will destroy a man.
Day dreams of writing her a poem,
and it seems like I'm singing it.

I just wanna be a friend,
but she's probably got plenty.
And I'll stay scared till the end
living with this feeling so empty.

Social anxiety, my bane and my curse
and everyday it just seems to get worse.
It's making a hell out of this horrid world,
I'm a poet who can't even say the words.

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