Sunday, 13 November 2016

Saving Grace

my world was so dark and so grey,
before you came and coloured it with your smile.
It was losing life through the nights and days,
but then you arrived and filled it again with your light

I only knew how to shed tears from a breaking heart,
but you fixed it with grace and everything was alright.
I had lost hope from a moonless night and fading stars,
but your beauty changed that and the universe was revived.

It was like I was drowning in every one of my sorrows,
i was gasping for air in a world filled with hate.
I fell to my knees in tears without a hope for tomorrow,
every day is written for us, every day is another chapter of fate.

It was you that saved me, filling up a shell left so hollow,
extinguishing the flame of a mighty fire that blazed.
Every day pushed me to the edge with every strife that followed,
Lost in my ways as there was no answer whenever I prayed.

Then you came along and changed everything that was wrong,
you saved me from the depths and offered me a hand.
And because of you, my head was filled with a new song,
you're a miracle that I'm struggling so hard to understand.

You're the cure to my misery, the healing I've been seeking,
a new rhythm to my heartbeat that almost died.
You're like a bandage that stops the wound from bleeding,
whenever I look at you, you will be able to see heaven in my eyes.

I am so emotionally attached that losing this bond would break me,
fears of losing you fill my every thought while I lay to sleep.
This bond is also the very same that remade me.
the peace I have always searched for in life and in dreams.

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