Friday, 11 November 2016

Just A Game

The skies were blue before his life had changed,
the moon would still set at the end of each day.
He used to live life to it's fullest even in the rains,
Oh he was so oblivious to what was to come, an ignited flame.

The sun was at it's brightest the very day he met her,
to him, she was his muse and the most beautiful girl ever.
He fell in love with the pleasure, he thought he'd love her forever,
and he submitted his soul to her, his heart he had surrendered.

Memories they created on balconies and in many gardens,
eyes connected in love defying all boundaries and margins.
She was his queen, she ruled his heart with persistent sovereign,
she became a thought that would never once leave his conscience.

She was the song that his heart would beat in rhythms,
this infatuation changed his entire mental state and system.
His friends knew he was entranced and became one of cupid's victims,
while he declared his love so loudly that the stars would listen.

He wanted to spend his life with her so he proposed,
he just wanted to prove that it was he that loved her most.
Yet to the idea of marriage it seems she was opposed,
and thus she refused with the most reluctant "No".

He was devastated and his mind filled with floods of confusion,
hastily trying to figure out an answer, some kind of conclusion.
And suddenly he started to feel less than he was subhuman,
sudden realisation hit him that her love had always remained unproven.

So he asked her if she ever loved him the same,
did the feelings ever exist after she made that claim?
The reply she gave him overwhelmed him with pain,
she said she thought it was funny to play with his flame.

She dropped the heart he gave her and it shattered,
the truth was that his love never really once mattered.
It was just a game to her and she stabbed him with a dagger,
and once it hurt him, she turned and walked away right after.

He was destroyed; disintegrating from the inside out,
he was speechless, and no word could escape his mouth.
But the scream was loud even though there was no sound,
his mind became heavy as he looked down to the ground.

He dropped to his knees tears falling from his face like rain,
each droplet able to extinguish the mightiest of flames.
It was like his strength had been bound forever by chains,
he had nothing left, nothing but the remains of his name.

The blue skies had lost it's colour and it was suddenly a grey world,
everything became black and white as if death roamed the earth.
The sun never to rise again during the morning's birth,
his pain was loud but the scream remained unheard.

His heart was gone so his soul now wanted to leave,
his mind was in chaos never again to find peace.
Questions invading his thoughts as to why he continues to breathe,
so he get's back up to continue walking down the street.

After walking so many miles and now so far from home,
he read all his messages one more time on his phone.
It broke him again to be driven back to the only thing he's known,
Solitude. His entire life he had always been alone.

One voice in his head now haunts his every thought,
A suggestion was whispered that causes him to pause.
Tears flowing like streams down his cheeks and across his jaws,
it's time to let go, he said. It's time to end this war.

He then walked across the road so that he'd be hit by a car,
he couldn't bare it anymore, he was tormented by a missing heart.
A speeding vehicle finally hit him and suddenly his world became dark,
he smiled one last time because he knew it was time to depart.

Love was nothing but a game she played when she was bored,
and invited cupid's victims in to her open door.
To this day she remains unaware of what she had caused,
time pass was all he was, the only thing that she saw.

He fell in love yet it was the thing that ended his life,
a punishment for simply dreaming of making her his wife.
He was already poisoned but again stabbed so deep with a knife,
and no one could ever possibly understand what was in his eyes.

A letter was found in the hand of his lifeless corpse,
his blood stained the streets as found in investigating reports.
It was in his writing addressed to the girl who manipulated his thoughts,
his friends drenched in tears when they read it without pause.

It read:

I fell in love with you but it just wasn't enough,
why did you let me fall just to break my trust.
You played with my emotions and gave me hopes of us,
even though you knew you would one day leave me crushed.

what did you hope to gain in breaking every piece of my heart,
what did you want from throwing me back into the dark?
I gave you my life only for you to just rip it apart,
I guess this was your plan right from the very start.

I hope you're happy because I've lost my will to live,
you never appreciated any of the love I wanted to give.
My life was doomed the moment I tasted the poison in your kiss,
I guess it's just better for me to cut into each of my wrists.

I truly loved you and it was more than you ever deserved,
before you, I was always alone and always reserved.
It was a lonely life and it was only my solitude I served,
you built a flame inside of me and It was I that got burnt.

I can't live another day like this so I'm just going to end it,
my life had always been false just the way you pretended.
My blood is going to be on your hands, remember the pain you cemented,
I hope you're happy, this is the result of everything you intended.

Don't let someone fall in love if you don't intend to catch them,
Love isn't a game to play, it's the strongest ppassion.

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