Friday, 18 November 2016

Bleeding Poetry

My heartbeats are slowly dying,
It's rhythms are fading away.
I've finally given up on trying,
the sun won't rise again on a new day.

My heart continues to crack like ice,
enduring torment till it can no longer cope.
No one can understand the story
that is hidden behind the tears in my eyes.

A bleeding heart, a screaming heart,
yet silent to the world it remains.
The fearing stars are fleeing far,
each light blown out like candle flames.

The cries of a dying heart tend to echo,
It pierces the veil of reality and life.
Reaching the boundaries of the universe; it bellows,
and it beckons so much so that devils begin to cry.

The angels take pity and the heavens weep,
the moon is distraught and the sun feels cold.
A tremble that could even catch death in his sleep,
a tremor that could quake our very souls.

my tears are extinguishing the light in the skies,
and washes away the colour that the sun had painted.
Reverting life back to black and white; a ghastly sigh,
this sorrow travels and touches all that it has tainted.

This heart is shattered into so many tiny pieces,
It has become impossible to become whole again.
Emotions no longer contained, the host is defeated,
this threatening screech has driven my soul away.

You'll find me still but just as a hollow shell,
the life inside me evaporated as my heart broke.
I lived in this world inside the dome of my sorrow's hell,
and I lost to the devil and thus the stars have flown.

There is no happiness within the smile that you see,
it remains an act of habit that contains no feeling.
My thoughts are empty, I am no longer as you knew me,
but still you'll find my tears leaking and my poetry bleeding.

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