Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Dead Soul

Bloodshot eyes with blatant signs of fatigue,
bags that cradle the sockets that have leaked often.
This is the face of someone who just wants some peace,
as pale as death while he continues choking and coughing.

His tears are dried out yet his heart continues to ache,
a silent scream that shatters all boundaries of the world.
No one left to question about this infinite pain.
his fate has left him silent without anymore words.

Sipping on his coffee during the monotonous mornings,
No beauty found in the reflection of his eyes.
An empty person with a heart that's forever mourning,
and his shell is slowly corroding, eventually all of him will die.

He sits alone in his room, his fan blowing wind,
the air caresses his face as he stares blankly at the ceiling.
No thought invades his mind, it's blank,
It's like the person he was is kneeling and bleeding.

A shallow shell, a broken heart and a mind gone dark,
what is left of his identity as his memories too fade?
Overwhelmed by depression, and engulfed is his heart,
was this always deemed to be his very fate?

He remains but the shadow of the person he once stood as,
a blank expression claims his face and stays just as dead.
Some say that his heart is dying and is as good as,
Dead, there's nothing left, no more whispers in his head.

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