Thursday, 6 October 2016

Tears In The Rain

I love you.
but you don't feel the same.
Tears in the rain
yet the fire is still a flame.
I love you.
A light in the dark
yet it's still that pain.

A whirlpool of emotions,
in a cycle of it's own motion.
Repeating until a final breath
yet my heart will remain open
until the day it meets death.

I won't let go and I forever say so,
and my heart refuses to.
And each day ends as I pray, though,
as my soul weakens
my heart denies what the truth is too.

I don't know why I love you like this,
my heat beat refuses another rhythm.
Wishes that one day you'll be my kiss,
a moment that even in heaven they listen.

You are an angel veiled
travelling through the world proudly.
Your smile, a beauty so detailed,
how is it that someone like you
could ever had found me?

My love always fails
dabbling at some words profoundly.
Your eyes, a beautiful vale,
a hypnotic sight that causes
me to ignore everyone around me.

I have loved you from the first moment,
you stole the words I thought I had.
You entered into the heart that was open,
and now I appreciate everything I have.

Your presence is a blessing and I'm glad,
thank you for everything that you are.
You sober me when I'm drunk and sad,
Remember, you'll always be in my heart

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