Sunday, 9 October 2016


Every morning I stare in the mirror wishing

and despising what I see.

And in those thoughts my mind is drifting,

a little bit of love is what I need.

But there isn't anyone who wants to give me

any affection that I'm dying for,

it's been a long time since anyone has kissed me,

and every day is another reason I'm sighing more

I'm alone and my shadow is nothing but a trace,

a silhouette of the identity that I'm hating.

And it seems like a corner is the only place,

in which I continue to cry and despise what my fate is.

I hate the face that I have been born with,

no one will look at what's inside my heart.

I'm so ugly that they just decide to ignore it,

and I can't even look decent in the dark.

Personality means nothing unless you're attractive,

you need to look like brad pitt to find love.

And to my repulsiveness It seems I am held captive,

never to feel free to find somebody I can trust.

This is a cruel world, wherein weapons are words,

and they can destroy a person to the core.

I'm always at war and it seems I've lost my worth,

it just hurts, I'm being eaten alive by my thoughts.

I'm ugly, a fact that I've lived with all my life,

and I've just learnt that I will never be loved.

No matter how many tears fall from my eyes,

there isn't a lock for people like me, like us.

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