Sunday, 16 October 2016

Locked Away

I'm locked away inside myself,

no rope to escape, I'm stuck in my hell.

It's dark in here, I'm alone in here,

why does it look like the sky fell?

I can't see that painted blue anymore,

it's a closed heart yet with many doors.

Which one to open to find the light,

i'm drowning in my sorrow and many thoughts.

You don't know me so how can you judge me,

I could guarantee after 5 minutes you would love me.

Or I used to think that, sometimes I would even sing that,

now it's like I can't trust myself so who would trust me?

It's a new thing everyday, something has to change,

and if it don't then you know it's about to rain.

Grey skies, Grey clouds and a grey mind,

I guess grey is the colour behind the shade of pain.

Fuck it, I whisper this everyday when it's fucked up,

there's always tomorrow to try again and love stuff.

I stay a poet but sometimes I wanna sing about it,

but then I'm like nah, that shit'd be fucked up.

Sometimes I don't really know what my mind is,

sometimes I can never understand where the light is.

It's a challenge just trying to find out what my identity is,

but I sleep on the same knowing how fucked up my life is.

This isn't something Shakespeare or Allen poe would wanna read,

It's for those people who feel the same shit that I feel. 

Fuck imagery, I wanna scream out to the world about me,

and they might hear me, and accept me as another boy with dreams.

I bleed the same way you bleed, breathe the same way you breathe,

scream the same way you scream, sleep the same way you sleep.

Stop treating me like I'm nothing like you and I don't hurt,

this is for those that'll read this and understand how I really feel.

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