Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dispersed Mind

Damaged and broken,

that's how you left me.

Shattered in the moment,

I'm deep in my sorrow

yet my heartbeats are empty.

My mind is dispersed,

my thoughts are scattered.

You said those words

like I never really mattered.

I doubted my doubts

but you still stabbed me 

 with the sharpest dagger.

I gave you all of who I tried to be,

I spent my entire life trying to build me.

How was I meant to know,

that I was supposed to see,

that you would be the one to kill me?

I trusted you without hesitation,

cause your love was my medication.

The sickness I suffered, you cured it,

but you have turned out to be 

the reason that I'm left devastated. 

A heart is the most fragile thing,

it breaks so much quicker than glass.

Nothing made me happier

than your last smile did,

but you knew this bond wouldn't last.

You could hear a snakes hiss

but yours was ever silent.

You faked being my fates gift,

I wonder how you managed to hide it. 

It was like you poisoned me in my sleep,

while I was seeing you in my very dreams.

You became the devil I feared,

I could feel the sting in my tears,

It's true; they say nothing is as they seem.

Damaged and broken,

that's how you left me.

None of my doors are open,

fearing for tomorrow

yet I still hope that you'll text me.

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