Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Letter To Death

Oh spectre, I'm waiting patiently for your knock at my door,
so I can open it and invite you in to fulfil your daily course.
I'm tired of this life that I'm living, the one I was given,
I appreciate the blessing but I can't take it anymore.

Every day is the same, not a single thing changes,
an ignorant eye from those that pass, friends and strangers.
It's like nobody cares anymore and this is society,
a world full of devils and they've killed off the angels.

I see lovers walking hand in hand sharing in joy,
and my heart yearns for it so with a silent voice.
Yet I was made unattractive and there's nothing for me,
a loving personality is no longer the reason people rejoice.

I feel like I'm hated, and it's making me question what my fate is,
to live a solitary life of pain, is that how had God made it?
It's a test and it's meant to be one we all suffer
but I'm giving up slowly because damn, I fucking hate it.

Even the devil shares my sympathy so he does not provoke me,
he won't whisper to my desires because I'm already lonely.
I don't know how much longer I can continue living,
a life wherein I don't get a text and nobody wants to phone me.

I can't even make friends, they ignore my words,
they shrug me off thinking that their arrogance wouldn't hurt.
It's like I'm not even an actual person in their eyes,
and it's shit like this that truly defines exactly what I'm worth.

I can't take it anymore,  come take me away my friend,
I'll happily give you my soul If I can find my end.
This life is not worth the pain I have to endure,
Please come soon and extract away my final breath.

I have no use for feelings since nobody needs it,
I have no use for screaming since nobody hears it.
I have no use for blood since no one cares If I'm bleeding,
I have no use for life because since day one I've always feared it.

I have no more tears to cry, my suffering has left me dry,
I'm sure you can hear the echoes of the pain in my sighs.
You can usually see life but I have no reflection in my eyes,
I've truly given up and it's time I left this solitary life.

my heart is shattered and broken, my mind is forced open,
what do I have left, what reason?
No happy memory, not a single moment,
I'm just waiting for you through the seasons.

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