Sunday, 2 October 2016

A Chance

Do you hear my heart screaming,

do you know why it cries so?

Did you know why it was beating,

a pain it wanted none to know.

Solitude has been it's only friend,

just the whisper of wind to embrace.

Not a sliver of affection upon it's breath,

the poems it composed just to impress.

Every rising sun and setting moon,

wasted time never to be used again.

One day somebody will hear this tune

through the showers of a winter rain.

This heart cannot even say Hello,

it shies away and hides in fear.

They'll think "who's this ugly fellow"

and I find my self paralysed

never ever to appear.

Afraid of what they might say,

afraid that I won't get a chance.

Dear beauty this is a new day,

Will you please take a look

and see how my heart may dance?

This could be

this should be,

the start of a fairy tale.

A love that

would be,

or could be,

a strength that never fails.

I'm capable of loving you that way,

the way you wish for inside your heart.

These secrets are told to me

by the tangling of the very stars,

so maybe take my hand this day?

and let's create a new start.

Judge me and you won't love me,

just try and you won't run away from me.

Take my hand, I know that you'll hug me,

my words are a letter from my heart,

darling, may I ask that you just trust me?

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