Monday, 19 September 2016

Still Walking Away

My tears fall like the cold rains of British isles,
too soon, too often like your number dialled.
I just haven't heard from you in a long while,
 my mind barely able to recall that wonderful smile.

I can hear echoes of your voice in silent dark,
thrashes internal from aches of a violent heart.
Your eyes were luminous like the many brightened stars,
I'm struggling to open like an impossibly tightened jar.

I could fly yet never again reach you,
never acting upon my desire to see you.
I could dream but they could never be you,
a shadow of the same but I could never feel you.

Your presence is but a whisper that lingers in ear,
I'm hallucinating and hearing things I wish to hear.
In my heart, the strongest wish that you were here,
to wipe away all of the tears that come with my fears.

Sometimes I can see your smile somewhere in the skies,
sometimes I can tell you're ok just by lifting my eyes.
Sometimes I think that I'll love you until the day I die,
No. I know I will but I comfort myself with a few lies.

You were the reason I liked to live what I knew as life,
You were why I was breathing, why I continued to fight.
The universe could not part us no matter how hard it tried,
it was you that left, I still see you walking away through my eyes.

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