Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spoken Word Of Love

Broken and bruised,
shattered and torn.
A rip in the truth,
like thunder storms.
I'm so confused,
what did I even do,
to cause this new war?
what is the truth
to all of the closing doors?

I wish I wasn't born,
to endure this hurt.
I live my life in mourn,
there exists no  word.
So many thoughts,
and many battles fought,
yet tumbling down
comes my very world.
An exploding voice 
like the lions roar.
but still a silence
with no more laws.

I did what I could
to prove my real love.
You did what you
said you never would,
and now you've
destroyed everything
from soul to trust.
Wasn't it enough?
Was it just lust?
I gave you everything
that I ever could.
I thought what 
we had was so good.

One lie ruins a life,
and you let this one 
make my efforts 
seem so wasted.
You defaced it,
And it hurts,
the love is gone
with bleeding eyes,
I feel no worth.
I feel so hurt.

Yet an angel you are,
in my thoughts still.
Murder me in the dark,
but love you I will.
I loved you since
and I'll love you so,
it can be a bliss
like a heavenly flow.

the heart I gave you was real,
unlike counterfeit money.
It's beats and all that it feels,
twas sweet like melting honey.
And you may find it funny,
I dreamt that you'd love me
but in this very moment
it's like the world is 
running away from me.

It's because you're not here,
it's happened,
the very thing that I feared.
Can't you see 
any of my falling tears? 
Your absence breaks me,
your presence made me,
I just wish you were here,
but instead it seems like you hate me.

The angels cry 
for they see my heart.
Apologetic to life,
humbled to eyes,
fighting the dark.
My tired sighs,
a sound that is
heard by the stars.
But were I to die,
still remains the lie,
that caused you to go
so very very far.
It causes the tears
to fall from the stars.

my love but 
never my lover.
My oath claims
there will never
be another.
I loved and lost,
thus my joy is gone,
there will never
be others.

You are my
heart's ruler.
It will only 
obey you and
it's future.
A wish exists,
that you shall return,
with your heart as gift
to one whom
a lesson was learnt.
A heart whose
emotions were burnt.

You're beautiful like
all of the girls from fifth harmony,
you make the blood flow
In every single one of my arteries.
I know it's hard to see,
but my heart will beat,
and today's a new day
a day when the stars will speak.

And it seems that
It only took a minute
cause I know when I saw ya
i fell in love in a instant.
I thought you were different
So I kept pushin my limits
but it seems I got too cocky
And now all of it's finished

My beloved, 
please come back
for truly, 
this lesson is learned.
It's hard to breathe when 
the world is black,
bring back your colours
for the peace we yearned.

My beloved,
please come back
for truly,
this blessing is earned.
It's hard for peace when
the world is cracked,
Bring back your love
for the fires to once again burn.

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