Thursday, 29 September 2016


I was lost until it was your brilliance that saved me,

now I can't think of anyone else who I want to embrace me.

Your glowing smile and eyes that pierced right through,

a spark igniting a flame that burned away the loneliness that made me.

Every day is a day I look forward to if you are in it,

I'm in love with you and it sometimes feels like I'm winning.

I can't imagine my life without you, it's way too hard,

If you walk away now, everything I have built would be finished.

I remember your voice even when we're  not on the phone,

it's only you that I ever think of whenever I am alone.

I knew I loved you but I was too afraid to admit it,

And that's when I thought that it was better you didn't know.

Dreams of making you happy till life itself ends,

I would have made it my oath on my every single breath.

Nothing could stop me from caring, not even death,

but these are only dreams, wishful images I see in my head.

I'm not the kinda guy that you would ever want to be with,

not your type,  nothing special in your eyes, ugly not fit.

You got the attention of the guys who have more than I do,

I will only ever wish inside that I'd be your real kiss.

I'm so in love with you and I guess you will never know,

it's so hard to be around you when it haunts my soul.

My heart aching for you to acknowledge it's loving song,

I was climbing a rope but I guess now it's time to let go.

I was always invisible, a shadow with no attention,

just a ghost with a heart full of so much affection.

In the end, my mirror shows my reality in it's reflection,

nothing could ever cure or repair each one of my defections.

If I were to leave, If I were to go, would you realise,

would you notice, would you see with your real eyes?

No one would love you the way I did, the way I do,

so many of these pathetic boys telling you all these real lies.

I'm not fated for a love story, I'm only your friend,

If only you knew that I will love you till my last breath.

Oblivious you remain to the truth that is in front of you,

I will stay invisible forever until I'm found  by the arms of death.

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