Monday, 26 September 2016

My Oxygen

In the horizon's distance,

I continue to love you so.

In every minute and instance,

I will never let you know.

I'm in love with you,

I don't know when I fell.

Everything I do, I do for you,

my love is screaming, can you tell?

No words would sound from my mouth,

and my heart will still beat in it's song.

I was the mess that stupid cupid found,

and he's made my love so fucking strong.

You are the air I want to breathe,

the oxygen I couldn't live without.

You are the dream I'll always dream,

and your voice is my favourite sound.

One day I'll get to look into your eyes,

and I won't even say a single word.

What you see will possibly make you cry,

how was it that my love was left unheard?

A text from you make's my day content,

a smile that will last till the very next.

The moon would chase when the sun fled,

like lovers of a story that never ends.

Death could find me and take my soul

yet my heart will remain in love with you.

He  could not take me as he too knows,

that such a strong love exceeds all truth.

You are the reason I will always find joy,

you are the strength I find in my voice.

You make me feel like more than a boy,

and give me hope in every single choice.

What would I give to hold you in my arms,

to be able to love you with all that I am.

A promise to protect you from all harm,

an oath I make as a representative of man.

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