Friday, 9 September 2016

Maybe because

I rise at dawn with thoughts of you,
images that are painted in my mind.
A heart that beats a rhythm of truth,
Is this love or is infatuation making me blind?

You are a delight to the centre of my eyes,
I'd rather look at you than a summer sky.
You are the only reason that I can smile,
and I sometimes feel like I could even fly.

Heaven embraces me in every moment we speak,
you are the angel they lost and they now seek.
Entered my life only to bless it with peace,
and now you are my every fantasy and dream.

I could forsake my life to be able to enter your heart,
I would bring down the moon and every one of the stars.
You are a light house that chases away all of the dark,
and it's still possible even when you are so very far.

You guide me and my heart to a new kind of bliss,
your presence in my life is more than a gift. 
And here's a confession, your melodic voice is what I miss,
to just get one glance at your smile is my only wish.

Every song I hear just makes me want to pick up my phone,
there's no one in my life that could ever be above you.
These feelings are real and are felt to the core of my bones,
maybe because it's true, maybe it's because I love you.

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