Wednesday, 21 September 2016

First Thought

With every morning I wake and on my first breath,

the imminent thought is always the image of you.

It seems my heart can't control it's thrashing unrest,

your very smile is the cure to each and every truth.

It sings melodies during the day as mind lingers,

 and day dreams fill my head of unrealistic fantasies.

Of days we may share together, keeping warm in winter,

but your prolonged absence causes unyielding agony.

How do I dare to tell you that I am in love with you,

how do I muster the courage to extrude my feelings?

It seems impossible even knowing that skies are blue,

thus my heart dances as it's aching rhythms are beating.

My love, we give our worlds away but you are my world,

of what right do I possess to give you away to another?

In the struggling sentences I design of rhyme and words,

imbued within is my love though I may never be your lover.

Just know Romeo could never love Juliet as much as I you,

he turns in grave with regret that his love was not so strong.

New stories that cupid manipulates began when I'd find you,

and so it became a sonnet, a poem and the lyrics to a song.

Upon time when I lay to slumber, my final thought before abyss,

another image of you is painted across the canvas of my mind.

With wishes that one day I may be able find your lips to kiss,

yet this love is misguided just as how they say that love is blind.

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