Thursday, 29 September 2016

Every Verse

I glared into the centre of the painted blue skies,

with a hopeful heart that I'd one day find love.

My shadow's touch could not comfort my eyes,

it is emptier than my heart and it's forever broken trust.

Walked on like a door mat, shattered like glass,

it despises and fears to open itself once again.

It hopes for no future driven away by it's past,

with a belief that there will never be a cure for it's aching pain.

Solitude is all it's ever known as it takes shelter in chest,

surrounded and engulfed by darkness that never rests.

It questions why it has always faced trial and test,

as claimed by those who comfort it to remove doubt from head.

The same answer as repeated, It must continue to wait,

for it has yet to meet the one chosen by fate.

Confused, how much more must it bleed and take,

before said right one appears to cool fiery blaze?

It screams in pain that rips the fabric of the universe,

with poetry written that provokes tears in every verse.

It's agony felt in every single blood shadowed word,

it humbles the very heavens and quakes this shallow world.

Death himself pains for this heart's suffering is beyond it,

taking away it's aching rhythms would not silence it.

The angels called upon it and it no longer responded,

the very lights fear to approach with intentions to enlighten it.

It is now in a state succeeding death and end,

there is no possible healing cure to regenerate.

No amount of love, not even by the grace of a friend,

It would not revive should even the soul meditate.

It is devastated and all sonnets have been serenaded.

to placate it would be the same screech resonated.

The memories that destroyed it once again emulated,

repeating once more forcing the world to quake to what it emanated.


I was lost until it was your brilliance that saved me,

now I can't think of anyone else who I want to embrace me.

Your glowing smile and eyes that pierced right through,

a spark igniting a flame that burned away the loneliness that made me.

Every day is a day I look forward to if you are in it,

I'm in love with you and it sometimes feels like I'm winning.

I can't imagine my life without you, it's way too hard,

If you walk away now, everything I have built would be finished.

I remember your voice even when we're  not on the phone,

it's only you that I ever think of whenever I am alone.

I knew I loved you but I was too afraid to admit it,

And that's when I thought that it was better you didn't know.

Dreams of making you happy till life itself ends,

I would have made it my oath on my every single breath.

Nothing could stop me from caring, not even death,

but these are only dreams, wishful images I see in my head.

I'm not the kinda guy that you would ever want to be with,

not your type,  nothing special in your eyes, ugly not fit.

You got the attention of the guys who have more than I do,

I will only ever wish inside that I'd be your real kiss.

I'm so in love with you and I guess you will never know,

it's so hard to be around you when it haunts my soul.

My heart aching for you to acknowledge it's loving song,

I was climbing a rope but I guess now it's time to let go.

I was always invisible, a shadow with no attention,

just a ghost with a heart full of so much affection.

In the end, my mirror shows my reality in it's reflection,

nothing could ever cure or repair each one of my defections.

If I were to leave, If I were to go, would you realise,

would you notice, would you see with your real eyes?

No one would love you the way I did, the way I do,

so many of these pathetic boys telling you all these real lies.

I'm not fated for a love story, I'm only your friend,

If only you knew that I will love you till my last breath.

Oblivious you remain to the truth that is in front of you,

I will stay invisible forever until I'm found  by the arms of death.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I'm struggling with my identity,

I seem to have no memories.

What the hell is fate and destiny,

is it what's written for us,

why can we not narrate our legacies?

I know not what's meant for me,

destiny claims that it's not meant to be.

Release me from this bondage,

Just set me free and let me be.

I'm tired of acting like I pretend to see,

the truth of life, to confuse us endlessly.

Death is another mystery,

what is it's history?

All we know is that it is certain,

the only guarantee in life

and it causes but misery,

instant with or without injury

oblivious to what's wrong or right.

It takes any soul as it pleases,

extracting them is very easy.

It will simply touch as he see's it,

freezing over the remains

as he passes and leaves it.

Why are we cursed with emotion,

sorrow as deep as the ocean.

We find our hearts are always open,

impossible to shut it's door,

as pain passes through in a motion.

Morning light or the night's darkness,

those of heart or those who are heartless.

If our souls are connected and joined,

there would be none who could part us.

An astrological love like the stars kissed,

or the very devil's whispers with dark gifts.

Fixed or broken, weak or strong,

word or rhyme, or lyrics to a song,

at least we still know where our heart is.

Upon discovery it seems life itself is a test,

it started from the first day, first breath.

And each day lived is our written answers,

with hope resulting pass and find an end,

to create abodes that we find after death.

Will we reach the very stairs of heaven

or are we fated for the depths of hell?

Monday, 26 September 2016

My Oxygen

In the horizon's distance,

I continue to love you so.

In every minute and instance,

I will never let you know.

I'm in love with you,

I don't know when I fell.

Everything I do, I do for you,

my love is screaming, can you tell?

No words would sound from my mouth,

and my heart will still beat in it's song.

I was the mess that stupid cupid found,

and he's made my love so fucking strong.

You are the air I want to breathe,

the oxygen I couldn't live without.

You are the dream I'll always dream,

and your voice is my favourite sound.

One day I'll get to look into your eyes,

and I won't even say a single word.

What you see will possibly make you cry,

how was it that my love was left unheard?

A text from you make's my day content,

a smile that will last till the very next.

The moon would chase when the sun fled,

like lovers of a story that never ends.

Death could find me and take my soul

yet my heart will remain in love with you.

He  could not take me as he too knows,

that such a strong love exceeds all truth.

You are the reason I will always find joy,

you are the strength I find in my voice.

You make me feel like more than a boy,

and give me hope in every single choice.

What would I give to hold you in my arms,

to be able to love you with all that I am.

A promise to protect you from all harm,

an oath I make as a representative of man.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Love's Truth

There is no famous tale,
no song that has been sung.
Every poem now has failed,
to really show the truth of love.

Love is a beautiful lie,
sometimes an ugly truth.
Love is why some people die,
but mostly because of youth.

Young hearts that fall in,
struggle more to escape it's net.
They exclaim proudly, "I've fallen",
unaware of what runs from breath.

Love is first my remedy,
yet simultaneously my pain.
It will never heal the memories,
but it's easier when it rains.

Love is a struggle, a conflict,
an internal war we forever fight.
You could be considered the most honest,
yet things you say are perceived as lies.

It breaks you down to your very core,
pieces of your heart are scattered.
Thus the memory of your pain is stored,
that moment that your heart was shattered.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

First Thought

With every morning I wake and on my first breath,

the imminent thought is always the image of you.

It seems my heart can't control it's thrashing unrest,

your very smile is the cure to each and every truth.

It sings melodies during the day as mind lingers,

 and day dreams fill my head of unrealistic fantasies.

Of days we may share together, keeping warm in winter,

but your prolonged absence causes unyielding agony.

How do I dare to tell you that I am in love with you,

how do I muster the courage to extrude my feelings?

It seems impossible even knowing that skies are blue,

thus my heart dances as it's aching rhythms are beating.

My love, we give our worlds away but you are my world,

of what right do I possess to give you away to another?

In the struggling sentences I design of rhyme and words,

imbued within is my love though I may never be your lover.

Just know Romeo could never love Juliet as much as I you,

he turns in grave with regret that his love was not so strong.

New stories that cupid manipulates began when I'd find you,

and so it became a sonnet, a poem and the lyrics to a song.

Upon time when I lay to slumber, my final thought before abyss,

another image of you is painted across the canvas of my mind.

With wishes that one day I may be able find your lips to kiss,

yet this love is misguided just as how they say that love is blind.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Still Walking Away

My tears fall like the cold rains of British isles,
too soon, too often like your number dialled.
I just haven't heard from you in a long while,
 my mind barely able to recall that wonderful smile.

I can hear echoes of your voice in silent dark,
thrashes internal from aches of a violent heart.
Your eyes were luminous like the many brightened stars,
I'm struggling to open like an impossibly tightened jar.

I could fly yet never again reach you,
never acting upon my desire to see you.
I could dream but they could never be you,
a shadow of the same but I could never feel you.

Your presence is but a whisper that lingers in ear,
I'm hallucinating and hearing things I wish to hear.
In my heart, the strongest wish that you were here,
to wipe away all of the tears that come with my fears.

Sometimes I can see your smile somewhere in the skies,
sometimes I can tell you're ok just by lifting my eyes.
Sometimes I think that I'll love you until the day I die,
No. I know I will but I comfort myself with a few lies.

You were the reason I liked to live what I knew as life,
You were why I was breathing, why I continued to fight.
The universe could not part us no matter how hard it tried,
it was you that left, I still see you walking away through my eyes.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Maybe because

I rise at dawn with thoughts of you,
images that are painted in my mind.
A heart that beats a rhythm of truth,
Is this love or is infatuation making me blind?

You are a delight to the centre of my eyes,
I'd rather look at you than a summer sky.
You are the only reason that I can smile,
and I sometimes feel like I could even fly.

Heaven embraces me in every moment we speak,
you are the angel they lost and they now seek.
Entered my life only to bless it with peace,
and now you are my every fantasy and dream.

I could forsake my life to be able to enter your heart,
I would bring down the moon and every one of the stars.
You are a light house that chases away all of the dark,
and it's still possible even when you are so very far.

You guide me and my heart to a new kind of bliss,
your presence in my life is more than a gift. 
And here's a confession, your melodic voice is what I miss,
to just get one glance at your smile is my only wish.

Every song I hear just makes me want to pick up my phone,
there's no one in my life that could ever be above you.
These feelings are real and are felt to the core of my bones,
maybe because it's true, maybe it's because I love you.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spoken Word Of Love

Broken and bruised,
shattered and torn.
A rip in the truth,
like thunder storms.
I'm so confused,
what did I even do,
to cause this new war?
what is the truth
to all of the closing doors?

I wish I wasn't born,
to endure this hurt.
I live my life in mourn,
there exists no  word.
So many thoughts,
and many battles fought,
yet tumbling down
comes my very world.
An exploding voice 
like the lions roar.
but still a silence
with no more laws.

I did what I could
to prove my real love.
You did what you
said you never would,
and now you've
destroyed everything
from soul to trust.
Wasn't it enough?
Was it just lust?
I gave you everything
that I ever could.
I thought what 
we had was so good.

One lie ruins a life,
and you let this one 
make my efforts 
seem so wasted.
You defaced it,
And it hurts,
the love is gone
with bleeding eyes,
I feel no worth.
I feel so hurt.

Yet an angel you are,
in my thoughts still.
Murder me in the dark,
but love you I will.
I loved you since
and I'll love you so,
it can be a bliss
like a heavenly flow.

the heart I gave you was real,
unlike counterfeit money.
It's beats and all that it feels,
twas sweet like melting honey.
And you may find it funny,
I dreamt that you'd love me
but in this very moment
it's like the world is 
running away from me.

It's because you're not here,
it's happened,
the very thing that I feared.
Can't you see 
any of my falling tears? 
Your absence breaks me,
your presence made me,
I just wish you were here,
but instead it seems like you hate me.

The angels cry 
for they see my heart.
Apologetic to life,
humbled to eyes,
fighting the dark.
My tired sighs,
a sound that is
heard by the stars.
But were I to die,
still remains the lie,
that caused you to go
so very very far.
It causes the tears
to fall from the stars.

my love but 
never my lover.
My oath claims
there will never
be another.
I loved and lost,
thus my joy is gone,
there will never
be others.

You are my
heart's ruler.
It will only 
obey you and
it's future.
A wish exists,
that you shall return,
with your heart as gift
to one whom
a lesson was learnt.
A heart whose
emotions were burnt.

You're beautiful like
all of the girls from fifth harmony,
you make the blood flow
In every single one of my arteries.
I know it's hard to see,
but my heart will beat,
and today's a new day
a day when the stars will speak.

And it seems that
It only took a minute
cause I know when I saw ya
i fell in love in a instant.
I thought you were different
So I kept pushin my limits
but it seems I got too cocky
And now all of it's finished

My beloved, 
please come back
for truly, 
this lesson is learned.
It's hard to breathe when 
the world is black,
bring back your colours
for the peace we yearned.

My beloved,
please come back
for truly,
this blessing is earned.
It's hard for peace when
the world is cracked,
Bring back your love
for the fires to once again burn.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Remember Me

Though I'm sleeping I still hear some whispers,
maybe while I'm dreaming but it seems to linger.
Rhythms of my heart beating through the cold days of winter,
a warm feeling coursing through to the tips of my fingers.

If my life was a canvas,  it would only be painted in black,
as I have always been engulfed in naught but darkness.
And that represents both my future and my past,
including my present even with specks of light regardless.

I don't know If I'd rather live my life asleep or dream while awake,
thoughts flood my mind while my heart burns in it's flames.
Emotions stirring, ignited instantly and behold a fire ablaze,
inextinguishable even with the downpour of calming rains.

The stars above sing of tales amongst constellations,
and they dance in congregation during the moon's coronation.
For the sun to rise in it's kingly might is an obligation,
and beheld by all in awe for it's heavenly coloration.

The heart's sermons are the poems that we recite,
the sonnets we sing, the rhythms that we revive.
Only such miraculous words can heal even what death may despise,
and embrace the soul in an aura from which even angels are deprived.

Reality transcends us upon the chorus of sanctity,
It defies dimensions even in the most beautiful fantasies.
There was never one who could continue understanding me,
hence I advanced alone in life through the celestial galaxies.
A collection of moments recorded in mind are memories,
living out the stories written for us is labelled as destiny.
Some may leave but shadows and some bestow legacies,
and I hope with my words, the world may remember me.