Thursday, 11 August 2016

Weeping Shadow

My shadow is truthfully weeping.
my heart is profusely bleeding.
My soul is shaken and  defeated,
the peace I once believed I had
is just the very thing I needed.

My mind is lost and drowning,
in such dark overflowing doubts.
Limitless thoughts amounting,
against a lonely soul that 
once stood strong and proud.

My heart has been abused,
by what it thought to be truth.
My heart has lost its muse,
it's almost nothing now
and it's tears are it's proof. 

Stepped on like pathway stones,
living in a quiet yet broken home.
Crushed in so many palms,
to those it was given to
with the stretch of a loving arm.

The skies aren't blue anymore,
no entrances in open doors.
Without a heart I am nothing,
and my life shall be nothing
like the way it was before.

Words can heal and even destroy,
they can cause sorrow or a deep joy.
They can be the very reason
that a heart might lose it's voice
through each time lapsing season.

A heart that has cried 
throughout it's entire life.
Losing sleep, bloodshot eyes,
wishing to be stabbed 
in the heart with a knife.

The heavens cry,
for It has heard
a  broken soul's sigh.
The rains shower us,
and darkness devours us,
now blind in this world.

Walking with pains 
we dare not forget.
Walking with pains,
and memories we regret.
soaked in the rains,
living a life that
can't ever be reset.

A screaming heart unheard,
the defeated stars unspoken.
bloodshot eyes are now blind
in such havoc; a chaotic world,
In which nightmares are true
and dreams remain broken.

I have to now keep my eyes closed,
I have lost everything even my hope.
I have strayed on this long unwinding road,
and too weak to keep climbing up
 higher on this chance given rope.

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