Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Devil's Tear

A broken heart screams in silence that goes unheard,
our ears are deaf to such pain and we remain oblivious.
We are ignorant to the reach of feelings and words,
a broken heart by the entire universe is considered piteous.

It's scream shatters the boundless universe's dimensions,
extinguishing blazing stars and wordly planets as it travels.
Nothing in this chaotic world dares defy it's pretension,
advancing to the stairs of heaven for secrets to unravel.

The angels weep and it now rains heavily upon the earth,
it's lifeforce questioning the very cause of this extreme hurt.
Exclaiming "Surely this is beyond the realms of painful words"
yet the screaming heart continues to complain of it's birth.

Even the moon seeks to weep upon it's partner; the sun,
It's support as two lovers that, in cycle, chase the other.
Exclaiming "what pain is that from which one cannot run?"
and it's partner shrugs as they seek solace in one another.

The realms of heaven quake upon reach of sounded screech,
the very clouds disperse as the ear of the archangel bleeds.
Flooding the rivers through the overflowing pools of dreams,
a broken heart is mourning and desires to find some peace.

Such endless pain that the devil himself seems to find sympathy,
and sincerely pities the soul that suffers so terribly in life.
His head bowed down in humility suppressing infinite infamy,
the devil upon a throne sheds a tear for a heart that will die.

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