Friday, 19 August 2016

Living With Love

Co Written by Lauren Gorger

Misclarity. A feeling unknown to the soul,
undecided, indecisive, unassured filled with hope.
An emotion stirring and growing to be recognised,
rising in recognition as it climbs up the rope.

Sometimes it leaves a trace of such stubborn pain,
to leave it's mark on the heart that wishes it away.
In an alternate dimension it shall be internal joy,
and the heart shall appreciate it and ask it to stay.

But what do they call this? 
They call it love.
An emotion commonly mistaken for lust.
A bridge built upon a foundation of common trust,
usually established as a blessing from above.

So many tales and stories, poems and lyrics of songs,
they speak about love in ways beyond the realm of mind.
We can only picture in our heads of such strengthened bonds,
but in the world today we create them with eyes so blind.

They slander love with shallow words of lust. 
They just take trust and crumble it up,
only to throw it in a corner like it was never enough. 
Deeply shoved under the rug, 
they slice every hug with ridged scissors. They leave you uneven; 
they give you no reason. 

There is no reason to bleed in the same hands that play in your pain...
the same hands that wave you away and never ask you to stay, 
just to blame your name so that it never sounds the same to you. 

These are the same hands that took a blade to your mind and your wheels, 
so when you find the sense of you that you feel is real, 
you have no choice but to still be still. 

Still, we fill the empty holes that once spilled with the feel of the thrill. 
They slander love without hold on a love of their own. 
I don't condone never really being home, 
while you roam for warmth to help you feel less alone.

Are you comfortable in what you sleep in? What holds you the deepest? 

They caused me to release this, 
Because they slander love with no intention of being it.

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