Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Invading Love

Co written by Krystal M Fitch

I sang to her these struggling words,
in a melody with a desire to be heard:

"Perhaps it was unintentional
yet you have still invaded my heart.
This love seems three dimensional,
one you have created from the dark.

You are unaware of what you do,
or the stirring you cause inside.
You are unaware of the truth,
oblivious to the emotions you incite.

It started from a day dreaming glance,
eyes that pierce the core of souls.
It's provoked my heart's off beat dance,
now it stays in rhythm till the winter's cold.

Like a tickling flame you seem to burn,
all those you touch melt as you pass.
And those you touch, of love they learn,
an affection awoken that threatens to last."

Afraid of her reply yet reply she did,
and I read the words as were from her lips:

"With lasting impression 
you've imprinted upon these souls,
Your impression is more or less an infection,
causing hearts to fill with holes.

Although winter is cold,
and summer hot,
The heart will heal it's hole
but the inner soul will rot. 

And me, you will love,
but you, I will not. 
For you will live above,
but I, in a plot. 

A grieving heart,
that's set to embark,
will end up living
within the dark."

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