Friday, 19 August 2016

I Still Love You

I tried so hard
to forget the memories.
The love in my heart
that had once
defined my destiny.

It troubles me again,
aches at every glance.
As my eyes catch your face,
It cries for another chance.

You were the best of me,
and still you remember me.
You saw the best in me,
and your love was my legacy.

With each setting sun
and rising moon,
When sleep is shunned
and dreams come
so quick and soon,
this love leaves me stunned.

Phantasies are perhaps false,
but the feelings is surely real.
Tis just a beautiful image,
a reflection of what we want
and how it is that we feel.

Why do you haunt me,
a love that once beckoned.
Your beauty still taunts me,
I despair in every second,
knowing that you shall
never again call me.

Your love still lingers,
your touch still remains
as I feel it up my spine,
like a night in cold winter
in a past age and time.

Two years have passed
and my love remains strong.
It shall never break or shatter
though my heart is broken
into many pieces like glass,
It still loves as much as it did
to be able to still sing it's song.

Screaming violently,
you're with the wrong man.
Beating silently,
our love wasn't a long plan.

Two years later
and I still love you so,
but you had found 
something greater.
How was I to know?

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